Nose Job Procedures in Turkey

01 November, 2022

People living in the USA, England, France, Germany and Australia often prefer a series of aesthetic operations. İncluding options such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast prostheses and correction of deformations on the chest, especially rhinoplasty. Turkey’s recent successful aesthetic surgery graphic continues to increase its reputation in Europe. The number of people who prefer Istanbul for aesthetic operations is so high that it can be said that “really many”.

One of the biggest reasons why Turkey is preferred in plastic surgery and rhinoplasty processes can be shown in prices. Especially the fact that the exchange rate is extremely advantageous for health tourists brings the opportunity to take a vacation after rhinoplasty.

Another reason is the appointments that can be made on very early dates. The availability of many different options compared to other countries makes it easier for the patient to get an appointment at any time requested.

Rhinoplasty Procedures

The most basic process in rhinoplasty processes can be shown as understanding the patient’s expectations. Because when the patient’s expectation is understood correctly, the doctor’s roadmap will also be determined. Although there are several plans, applications and treatment processes that follow, rhinoplasty is one of the most preferred aesthetic processes in addition to the health treatment of the nose.

Patients generally apply rhinoplasty to make a major correction after the removal of the meat in their noses.

What are the nose job procedures prices in Turkey?

Patients generally prefer annual leaves, semester breaks, and short-term breaks during nose surgery processes. The only way to overcome the densities that may occur during these periods is to have many options but always at the highest level of quality.

The patient does not have to wait for months to get the nose he wants. The fact that candidates visiting Turkey for plastic surgery can find accommodation in five-star hotels. Which very low prices can be described as another attraction for having plastic surgery in Turkey.

In Turkey, where four seasons can be experienced and covered with seas on three sides. You can also find the opportunity to have a holiday in addition to rhinoplasty.

Apart from nose surgery, many patients prefer Turkey for aesthetic surgeries for a tummy tuck, belly fat removal, removal of fat from any part of the body, and correction of eyebrows, cheeks, forehead and eyelids.

How long do the swelling and bruises take to heal after the surgery?

After rhinoplasty surgery, life can return to normal for the patient, only by exceeding a certain period. The first critical threshold is 48 hours. There may be various pains or aches for 48 hours after the nose is intervened. After this step, swelling and general bruising begin to heal within 5-7 days on average. In this process, breathing gradually returns to normal. The final shape of the nose and the full recovery process may take 6-12 months. For some people and 1-2.5 years for some people.

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