What are the Weight Loss Surgery Procedures?

02 November, 2022

As it is known, the weight loss surgery process is a period that depends on many different criteria and conditions. Not everyone who wants to lose weight can have surgery as they want, or being a suitable candidate for this issue is not something that just ends with wanting. At the same time, suitability for surgery is very important. So what does this mean?

Not every patient who complains of being overweight can have weight loss surgery. Because the health condition should be favorable, the risk situation should be low and the doctor’s opinion should be positive.

After talking to your doctor, there is a stage when you find out if you are the right candidate. Before this stage, different metabolic conditions are measured. Tests are done to see if your body is extra sensitive to any complications. Thus, you will officially enter the first process related to weight loss surgery.

On the other hand, it can be said that the real process begins now. Even if you are suitable for weight loss surgery, you should decide with your doctor which type of surgery is most suitable for you. There is more than one weight loss operation. Each of them has a different application, treatment process, and details.

Your doctor will give you the most detailed explanation and you will have a general idea about the possible operations. After the consensus with your doctor, the right type of surgery is selected and the preoperative period begins.

Gastric Sleeve

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (Tubular Stomach) surgery is one of the primary methods preferred in the surgical treatment of obesity in bariatric surgeries or bariatric surgeries all over the world.

It is generally the most widely known operating tube and one of the operations with the lowest postoperative complication rate.

Although performing the surgery as laparoscopic (known as closed surgery) shortens the anesthesia process compared to traditional open surgery; It enables the patient to have a less painful, more comfortable process and to recover faster.

Gastric Balloon

Gastric balloons can be classified in 2 different ways in general. Swallowable gastric balloon and non-swallowable gastric balloon. Your doctor will help you decide which one is most suitable for you.

The problem of being overweight can make people’s lives more difficult day by day for different reasons. Some complaint about the decrease in their quality of life, while others complain that their appearance is not what they want. In other words, regardless of the cause, being overweight is a common problem for human health, either physically or psychologically.

Therefore, people who struggle with the problem of being overweight try various methods and diets to solve this problem. Of course, there are many different ways to deal with this issue. The “ swallowable gastric balloon ” is the method we will share right now and offers a very innovative solution with technology is the “swallowable gastric balloon”. 

Also known as an ellipse swallowable gastric balloon, used in the treatment of obesity; It is a new-generation gastric balloon that can be inserted into the stomach without the need for anesthesia and any surgical procedure. The aim of this operation, which has been developed recently and has many successful examples, is to ensure that a large part of the stomach is constantly filled. Thus, satiety and metabolic requirements are always as they should be.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass surgery makes the stomach smaller than its normal size and causes the consumed food to bypass directly in a part of the small intestine without any treatment. Since your stomach will fill up faster than normal standards, its cycle will also be completed faster. Which automatically reduces the total amount of food you can eat to a lower level. 

Directly bypassing a part of the intestine without any absorption reduces the absorption of food and everything consumed in the intestines. This naturally leads to weight loss.

As ClinicHub, we are proud to be with our patients during all these surgery processes. We provide close controls before, during and after the surgeries and prevent any problems from occurring. If you want to get information, you can contact us.

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