Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey

02 November, 2022

Weight loss surgery can be shown as one of the procedures that gained incredible success and acceleration in practice in the last 10 years in Turkey. In particular, Turkey’s international successes in health tourism, the quality of physicians, and the good results after the surgeries have contributed to the increase in both the quality and quantity of this and similar operations.

Considering the pricing criteria, some of the factors that make Turkey a preferred choice for weight loss surgeries can be cited as having opportunities that provide significant advantages. Tourist places that can be visited in 4 seasons, and geography where different climates meet.

What is Weight Loss Surgery?

Different types of work, such as “remote work, semi-remote work, and online work”, which have become incredibly widespread. Especially with the pandemic period, have also reduced people’s movement tendencies during the day. When this is the case, it has become more difficult to avoid the risk of obesity. Living with a sedentary and unconscious diet does not require living with obesity. That’s why weight loss operations have become a more frequently requested topic lately. So what is weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery generally starts with the obesity prevention process. It is not possible for everyone to lose weight, maintain the current weight or take logical actions related to weight. While some people can overcome these problems with sports and healthy eating, others have serious difficulties in these situations. Hormones, body type, and habits are just some factors that affect these issues.

The general name of the surgeries applied to the patient to lose weight is called “bariatric surgery”. As it can be understood from here, there is not a single weight loss surgery, there are many different types and operations that can be performed for different purposes.

Is Weight Loss Surgery Necessary?

It is not right for you to decide for yourself whether weight loss surgery is necessary for you. A doctor who does his job correctly will also transparently guide you. After various examinations, checks, and tests. A decision can be made about whether you are the right candidate for weight loss surgery. After examining you and determining your tendencies on different issues, your doctor can make a final decision and guide you in this context.

In other words, it should not be out of the question for you to become obsessed with such a decision without consulting your doctor. In addition to its necessity, there is also the possibility that the surgery cannot be performed. Which means, you may not have a suitable body for weight loss operations. In such cases, your doctor can direct you to alternative solutions or prepare a methodology for you to be suitable for surgery within a certain program.

What are the Risks of Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgeries have their own risk of complications. Generally, high safety and stable conditions are observed and are low-risk surgery types. However, in this section, we will try to review the possible risks and possible problems you may be wondering about.

  • Many weight loss surgeries are performed under general anesthesia. You can consult your doctor about whether your body reacts unexpectedly to general anesthesia and he will enlighten you by doing some examinations.
  • Conditions such as infection and bleeding may appear about the part of the operation or the stitches, but this is often treated simply, which is not seen under normal conditions.
  • There are different risks like these and others. However, this usually indicates extreme situations and your doctor will give you the most accurate explanation for general information.

What are the Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery?

It is possible to talk about many different positive effects of weight loss surgery. But the most important benefit is undoubted that it positively affects your lifestyle. It helps people who eat irregularly, gain weight constantly due to different conditions and have a psychological obsession with losing weight, to be both metabolically and mentally healthier. 

However, having weight loss surgery does not mean you will have perfect health forever. There are several issues that you should pay attention to after the surgery and that you should prioritize your health.

Weight Loss Surgery Turkey Cost

It is not correct to talk about clear pricing in bariatric surgery. Since there are many different weight loss surgery prices, it would not be correct to categorize this situation under a general heading. Weight loss operations in Turkey are generally priced to include accommodation, pre-treatment and post-treatment processes. 

Thus, you can both benefit from this beautiful country’s different opportunities and have an extremely cheap, safe surgery process with excellent results with a price scale below the average. Don’t forget to get in touch for more detailed information!

If you want to get information about weight loss surgery procedures, you can review our article.

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